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Golden Spike

December 29, 2007

I mentioned the Golden Spike in yesterday’s post. Thought I’d share a bit more. The Golden Spike is a bar at the Denali Park Headquarters. It’s two old connected train cars.

It’s a pretty popular hang out for the younger folks and the adventurers like John and I. You see, you often have to wait for your park passes. John and I were camped out at the back packers campground and had a couple of days to burn before we could officially enter the park and bike out to Wonder Lake. Our hangout? The Golden Spike.

We found the Golden Spike to be a great place to hang out and meet others doing other sorts of adventures. We met quite a few park workers and a few photographers. Funny I didn’t write any names down nor take any pictures. It was also the first place where we saw girls. Both John and I were officially single. John had that ability you hate in guy friends. That being the ability to talk to just about anyone, including girls. I just kept to myself and had a few beers. One note sort of related is that one of my friends at work actually met his wife at the Golden Spike while working for the park service.

Speaking of beers, here are the other two labels from yesterday’s post. I found them mis filed in my journal.

Why no official journal entry today? John and I are now in Denali Park and I want to have pictures. I had to have all my old slides transferred to digital format. I hope to pick them up tomorrow. I think you’ll thank me later.

Stay tuned and check back throughout next week as we explore one of the greatest parks on earth.

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