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Good by Denali

January 15, 2008

Sept 10th

Anderson, AK
56 miles
Avg Speed 14.7mph
Time: 3hours 48 minutes

Stayed in pavilion

I’ve commented several times already that it is strange how the mind works. I know I’m getting older and have 5 year old twins so I know my brain is going. I stared at my journal pages between my last post and today’s entry and I still don’t understand how I didn’t write or take any pictures about the last day in Denali and the bus ride out.

Bus ride? Yep, it’s true. We took the bus. In all honesty, we didn’t have a choice. We were having so much fun on the previous days at Wonder Lake, we ended up staying an extra night. This meant that we would have to ride the 90+ miles in one day! Like true procrastinators, it just so happened to be the very last day the park was open and the last day the buses were running.

Truth be told, we did plan on doing the 90 miles of grueling gravel in one day. Why didn’t we? SNOW. That’s right. It snowed. Hmmm…..snowing in September and John and I were still heading north. Yes, I know that sounds just a bit stupid when said like that.

I still think it is so strange that I don’t have any pictures or stories from this day. I think I was just trying to put this sad fact behind me. I also wanted to get to Fairbanks as fast as I could as that was the furthest north we’d be before we turned and headed south. Who know for sure, but I’ve got no memory of the bus ride, no images of snow, and no recollection of gathering our stuff and heading to Anderson, AK. Why?

Even though we left Denali and I have no memories of it, I do have 2 good memories from Anderson. First, our good friend T.S. had told us of a great little shelter next to the town band stage where we could sleep. He was right. It was a cool little place with good shelter. Second, Anderson was the first place where we had a food package waiting for us. Remember when I told you I had planned for months prior to leaving? Throughout the trip I had packages of food sent general delivery for pick up on the way. This allowed us to have some special food every now and then and didn’t cut into our money. Today also had a bonus item in the package. My sister had sent home made chocolate chip cookies in my box-o-food! They didn’t even make it out of the post office. Thanks Jackie!

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  1. Guitar Ted permalink
    January 15, 2008 1:22 pm

    So……Jackie has been doing that cookie thing for years, Huh? :>)

    Mmmm……cookies on tour. Love that thought!

  2. January 18, 2008 10:55 pm

    OOOOOooooo… Think Jackie will drop us some cookies on our trip down to the Ballyhoo this summer, Jason? Man, that’d be SWEET!

    G-ted, ahem… you just ‘inspired’ me to come up with a new bike tour song — “Cookies on Tour” — to the tune of “Girls on Film” by Duran Duran.

    Man, that’s STOOOOOPID!!!

    TGIF… no, i’m not at work anymore. 😉

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