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Get on with it.

November 17, 2008

Well, after a weekend of travel and extreme model making, I’m ready to get back to work in my garage.   Can you guess which one is a supervisor/manager and which one is a worker?

N & N get down to business.

N & N get down to business.

So what is in store this week in the Gnat workshop?

Project La Cruz – I’ve got 2 La Cruz bikes to work on.  My winter warrior and my go fast La Cruz.  This project requires almost complete destruction of 2 bike before rebuilding can begin.  Also requires a wheel build and some glue.   This should prove interesting but it could be the foundation of something pretty cool for say something like Dirty Kanza 200.

My 2008 winter warrior...What about 2009?!

My 2008 winter warrior...What about 2009?!

Wheel Builds – I’ve got 2 to do.  One for my Big Mama and one for La Cruz.

Project Big Mama – Working on my XTR Big Mama.  The only thing I’m waiting for are my Edge Composite wheels and new hubs.  I may start this.  I may not.   We’ll see.

More to come this week.   Hope to at least show winter project La Cruz.

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  1. November 18, 2008 7:35 am

    Nice pic of the kids there. Judging from the crafty nature of the project there, and the paint on one of the t-shirts, it isn’t hard to figure out who really got into that project!

    Okay, you are mentioning “glue” in this post which in terms of bicycles can only mean one thing: Tubulars! (If I am right, better you doing that job than me!)

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