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Back in MPLS

December 28, 2008

After 1100 miles of mini van fun and enough calories for the month of January 2009, we made it back home. Looks like we had a heat wave while we were gone. Much of the snow is melted. I can actually see my driveway.  We’ve still got piles and piles of snow, but you can see that a lot melted.

It is time for a bike ride.  I bet my road route has clear shoulders today.    I really need a ride today.

Oh Yeah!

Oh Yeah!

*Photo credit Gnat Jr.

Afternoon Edit:  I got my road ride in.  Not long but still good.  The sun was out.  30 degrees.  Quite a bit of thin ice on the road.  Nothing too sketchy.  Got a good 20 mile ride in on my Fargo.   I needed that!

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  1. December 30, 2008 12:41 am

    welcome home brother… glad to hear it was a good, safe trip. it’s always good to be home though. i’m looking forward to getting caught back up with you soon.


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