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My winter rig – Salsa Fargo

December 30, 2008

It’s snowing again today and I think I’m going to venture out into it at some point.  Right now there is a fresh 2″ of snow on the ground.  Just right for making the paved bike paths smooth and quiet.

I haven’t really had the energy nor time to get my official winter bike ready so I’m using my trusty Fargo.

My Festive Fargo

My Festive Fargo

This bike has seen a lot of miles and uses this year and here is the latest set up.   It’s seen less ride time since I built up my SRAM Rival 10spd Fargo.   Just before winter started I started converting this one to more of a mtn set up.  I switched to a 22-36 crankset for more rock & log clearance.   I also don’t need the big ring for my mtn rides.   I also put on my original prototype Gordo rims with WTB Weirwolf tires.    I run them with only about 12-15psi in the snow.

After riding with Epic Design frame bags, I really want to remove the rack from this bike.  I especially don’t want the weight of the rack, bag and gear over the rear of the bike.   I’m heavy enough and the better I distribute the weight of the bike, the better it is in the snow.

Epic Design Bags

Epic Design Bags

The more I ride the Fargo, the more I think of it as a chameleon.   It can put just about any coat of parts on and ride just about anywhere.  Even though I’m looking forward to playing in the snow today…and for the next couple of months, right now I’m dreaming of places and gear.   Right now I’m longing for red rock, blue sky and cool nights under the stars.   I’ve got my sights on nicer weather.  Its coming.



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  1. December 31, 2008 12:06 am

    hey jason, i hear ya’ on the dreamin’ thing… there’s a lot of that going around, i suspect. this time of year breeds reflection, introspection and goal-setting. The Fargo would be a good partner in some of those “where should I go?” conversations, I suspect. Its versatility makes it a good partner and a definite chameleon, no doubt. More so than any other bike you’ve ever built… I hope to find out about it first-hand soon.

    Happy New Year, my brother.


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