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throw back thursday – colorado dreamin’

March 5, 2009

A few weeks ago, I posted on my Leadville Trail experience back in 1997.  In that post I mentioned that I made a scouting trip to Leadville to ride the course.    The other day when I was looking for something for another project, I found these pictures from that scouting trip.  We road the course over two days and had a blast.

Nice views huh?

Nice views!

Not long after that photo, we went up again.   If you’ve ever ridden Leadville, this is the climb up to the powerlines.    I wasn’t the only one doing some course recon, if you look closely, you can see a runner coming down.

Going up!

Going up!

Looking back at these pictures crack me up.  First, check out the bike.   It was my custom Indy Fab Delux.   It was a beautiful and nice bike.   I even took apart my Rock Shox Mag 21 SL to have it painted to match the frame.   I still remember my pain and agony when I bolted the brake bridge back on and cracked it.   Also cracks me up to see me riding 26″ wheels.   Check out those super fast Panaracer Semi Slicks!  In the end, that bike was too heavy for the race and I rode something else, my titanium Ibis.

The last photo I found from this trip was of my camping set up.   My buddy set up his full on mountaineering expedition tent while I laid my set up out.  Check out my simple kit….All of which I still have and use today.

Big efforts, cool air and elevation.  I slept well.

Big miles. Cool air. Elevation. I slept well.

North Face Down Bag

Thermarest – 3/4 length

Crazy creek chair under my feet

Patagonia blanket/ground cloth

Dana Design back pack

Pretty simple and effective set up…..Too bad it’s all to big and too heavy for my next adventure.

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