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The road to 40 – Carrying even more stuff

March 11, 2009

Back in January, I posted about “Carrying Stuff”.    I’ve toured with traditional touring equipment but recently I have been really fired up about ultra lite endurance adventure touring.   My Epic Design frame bag really challenged me and as a result, I really want to push the envelope of what is possible with non traditional touring stuff.

Notice any additions to my Fargo?

Notice any additions to my Fargo?

Eric at Epic Designs is currently  making a couple more bags for me.  While I patiently wait for my turn in line, one of my co workers loaned me his big seat bag so I could continue with my experimentation and planning.    I’m getting close to the final set up.     I can’t wait to share soon.

Until then, here’s a late night sneak peak taken in what I hope is the last severe snow storm of the season (It was 9 degrees, -11 factoring wind chill).

Only a couple of things left to do to this rig.

Only a couple of things left to do to this rig.

The borrowed seat bag shown here is holding my sleeping pad AND my sleeping bag with room to spare.  Neither the pad or the bag are winter rated but I don’t plan on doing a winter tour.   This is really for experimentation and planning.   Actually, I don’t plan for the seat bag to hold my bag and pad, I just wanted to visually and mentally fill the bag and see what I need for the front of the bike to hold my sleeping bag and pad?

Right now I’m making gear lists, researching, figuring out how to store stuff, realizing I have too much on my list, rewriting the list and so on.    I’m visualizing what I really need and what fits where?   For me, I think this process is about 1/3rd of the fun with the remaining 2/3rds being 1/3 doing and 1/3 documenting and sharing the adventure itself.

Once I finalize the list, I plan to go through all the stuff here on the Gnat Blog.  I’ll be rolling out my plan as well as what gear, why, and where it all goes?    I also hope to share an occasional overnight trip to test equipment….And the motor.

I can’t wait.  It’s coming.

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