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From comfort to suffering

March 14, 2009

I’d been looking forward to the Breakfast Ride all week.   We got a cold winter blast this week and for whatever reason, I couldn’t get out and ride.  I knew others were doing it.  I just couldn’t get out in the subzero temps.    That just made today even better.

I felt special when Bes gave me this cup this morning!

I felt special when Bes gave me this cup this morning!

Our group of 6 rolled out heading west for our “Edina route”.   We had quite the stable of bikes this morning with 2 Fargo bikes, 2 La Cruz , 1 Casseroll and 1 Cross Check.   I was stoked when Meiser rolled up with his new Fargo.   Wow!  What a sweet, sweet ride.   He had his full gear set up on it as did I.  I can’t say enough about the Epic Design stuff.   Wait until you see his ride and gear.   It’s very well thought out.

Two Fargos ready for adventure

Two Fargos ready for adventure

Our pace started out gentle and then got downright painful.  Look closely and you can see two of our group up the road a bit.   Not long after this we got back on the train followed by Horkey putting the hammer down and crushing us near the end of the ride.  I was miliseconds away from losing my breakfast this morning.    I ended up rolling the last mile or so at my own pace.   Ouch!

I didn’t care.   I was out riding.   The temps were acceptable and I knew the afternoon ride home would be in the upper 40’s.   The day ended with a perfect blue sky and a perfect tailwind for the ride home.    What a sweet day of riding.

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  1. March 15, 2009 7:36 pm

    There ya go! Letting Horkey lead out was the first mistake. That guy is looking fit and fast this year.

    Can’t wait to see Meiser’s set up in the flesh. (Or yours, for that matter!)

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