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Throwback Thursday – Hello New Zealand

April 9, 2009

Today I’ll share my first entry about one the greatest places in this world, New Zealand.    Nine years ago, we took a trip to New Zealand for a wedding.   I’ve wanted to journal this trip here on the Gnat Blog for some time, but until recently my wife and I could not find our pictures.  Thankfully, my wife found them along with my old camera I shared last week.  All the pictures I’m sharing here were taken on film and scanned.

This trip did not involve any cycling.   Instead it involved amazing “walks”, kayaking, digging in the sand, hot springs, sea creatures, good food, wine, singing, stunning beauty, and great friends.  It was a trip of a lifetime bookmarked by a pair of Blundstone boots.   I hope you enjoy the stories and adventures.

It’s October, early spring in New Zealand.   Jen and I felt like little kids waiting to open Christmas presents.   Finally, after roughly 16 hours of flight time, we arrived in Auckland.  It was early in the day and we were tired.  I had never been on airplane ride that long.   Thankfully our bed and breakfast let us in early and we took a nap before heading out to explore Auckland.

View from our breakfast nook

View from our breakfast nook

Later that day we hit the streets of Auckland.  We were a bit surprised it was so cold and secretly hoped that it was just cold on this day.   Auckland is our jumping point and tomorrow we will leave for Queenstown on the South Island.   Today, we just walked around and enjoyed the city.    We were tourists in New Zealand’s largest city.    Auckland has a really sweet bus system and we took a route going in a big circle around the city.  Coffee.  Treats.   Clothes.   Toy stores.  Lot’s of walking, bus riding and sight seeing.   I bought Blundstone boots at a street market.  Sweet!

In the evening, we took a ferry to another part of the city to have dinner.   After walking around too long, we finally settled on a dinner spot.   Nothing spectacular.    We didn’t come to New Zealand for the food.    We were tired and boarded the ferry back to our destination for the night.  It was on the ferry at sunset, that we got to witness Auckland’s true beauty and spirit.

We were freezing and they have their legs in the water?!

We were freezing and they have their legs in the water?!

Auckland was a neat experience and we are thankful we got to see just a bit of it.   It was big city though and we had our sights on the rest of our trip.   What we got was a beautiful day in a beautiful city.

Auckland is a beautiful city.

Auckland is a beautiful city.

Hello New Zealand.   Goodnite Auckland.

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  1. May 20, 2009 2:30 pm

    Hello from Christchurch New Zealand! 😀 You are right, NZ is a magic place and it is quite amazing what wonderful outdoor fun it offers- especially when you consider how small the country is!

    I’m originally from the UK and lived in various parts of Australia too for 7 years- but i knew instantly that NZ was where I wanted to reside……I love this place 😀

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