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Thirst for first dirt

April 15, 2009

It happened.   I finally rode dirt last night.   This is my first real dirt ride of 2009 and my first in 5 months.   It was glorious.   Temps were mid 60’s and I was in shorts and my regular (non winter) riding shoes and clothes.

I love the first dirt rides of the year.   The trees haven’t filled in yet and you can see through the trees.  Long shadows fill the woods.   The green is coming through and really stands out against the colorless leaves and trees.     Last night one bit of green stood out, the moss.   I found myself seeing it everywhere.  In fact I went off trail a few times while looking as the sun lowered and illuminated patches of green along the trail.

Sun, bly sky, bikes, friends single track & moss!

Sun, bly sky, dirt, long shadows, bikes, friends, single track & moss.....Finally!

This morning my body is a bit tired.  My arms and back feel it.  My legs are a bit sore.   It was a good night.

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  1. April 15, 2009 10:00 am

    YEAH!! First dirt!! Glad to hear it was a good ride, my friend. Thanks for the call on the way out to ride… I’ll talk to you soon.


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