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Good vibes for TI5

May 2, 2009

Well….TI 5 is already happening.    50+ crazy folks are out riding 300+ miles of gravel.   Here’s a shot of MW and MG on a classic Iowa B-Road taken at last year’s GTDRI.   Both MW and MG are riding today.

MG and TI on a classic Iowa B-Road

MG and MW on a classic Iowa B-Road

Good luck folks.   I’m amazed at what you guys do.   Thanks to Mark, DP and all whom put these events on.

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  1. May 4, 2009 6:49 pm

    nice… thanks jason. it worked! i wasn’t super fast like joe, but i made it. and even though i wasn’t as fast as joe, i’m convinced that the same lesson applies to both of us. that is:

    persistence pays.

    last year, joe already knew what it took to finish TI, and he came there pretty strong. maybe he wasn’t strong enough to dominantly win, but he was definitely strong enough to contend. the weather was terrible though and the issues he had with his drivetrain conspired to make it impossible for us to ever find out what could have been there.

    but what that did was to make joe 100-percent driven to succeed this year, and he came with a new bike that could not fail, an attitude that was bulletproof and a body that he had made absolutely solid from a year’s worth of hard riding, rain or shine. you’ve been telling me about it… he’s been beating everybody up. when he showed up friday i told mw, “there’s the guy that’s gonna’ win the race,” as he pulled his bike out of the CR-V they drove down in. he knew it too…

    but to win a race like TI, first you have to finish it. and i hadn’t yet finished it. so that’s what i set out to do, and at mile 10, when i was still in the front group and i looked up and didn’t see mw around, i immediately sat up, pulled over and waited for he and jeff bonsall to ride up to me. from that point on, it was just a “get it done” race (more like “ride”) for me.

    joe, one the other hand, knew exactly what he had to do. he had a race to win. and he did. congratulations to joe meiser on his incredible performance and to everybody who toed the line at TransIowa v.5. To even get there and have the guts to say “I’m gonna’ try” is really saying something. Everyone who did is incredible. Thanks to Guitar Ted and David Pals and their legion of volunteers at the checkpoints, without whom we couldn’t have had such an awesome time.

    And finally, thanks again Gnat for the good vibes. You’re a good friend. Hope to ride with you again soon. Now get out there and ride your bike dang it… 😉


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