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Queenstown, Christchurch and a little rugby

May 7, 2009

On our last morning in Queenstown, we found ourselves just hanging out in the town center people watching, drinking coffee, reading and writing in our journals.   New Zealand is a huge world wide tourist destination and it was fun just listening for all the different languages.   It was a great way to finish up our stay and frankly we were still so sore from our hike I’m not sure we could have done anything else.

Our resting spot for the day

Our resting spot for the day

In the early afternoon, we boarded a twin prop plane and flew back to Christchurch.   We had only one night in Christchurch and we didn’t have plans or reservations.  Tomorrow we would be driving on the wrong side of the road up the coast in our rented Subaru.   When we arrived we got checked into a back packers hostel, Cokers.    It was a dump but we made the best of it.    Additionally, we now have a standard and a litmus test when we stay at other places.   Whenever we stay at a place that isn’t that great, Jen and I look at each other and giggle, “This ain’t no Cokers!”

Little did we know when we arrived in Christchurch that the national rugby championship was being played.  It was right down the street from where we were staying.  Christchurch was playing Wellington.    Now if any of your readers know anything about New Zealand rugby, you know that this is serious business.

Jen and I decided to get dressed up and go out on the town to find a pub and watch the championship game with the locals.  We found a nice  packed  bar, ordered drinks and food and settled in.   Knowing little about rugby and even less about the teams and people, we still found ourselves engulfed and excited by the environment.   We were chearing loudly and hanging on the edge of our seats.   Funny now how I can’t even remember who won.   Also funny how I have not one single picture from Christchurch.   Oh well, my memories will have to do.   It was a blast.

We went back to our lovely hole in the wall and went to bed.   We were tired and looking forward to tomorrow’s drive.    The second we opened up the door to our room, it was apparent we were the only people in Christchurch that wanted to sleep.   It appeared that our hotel shared a wall with an all night dance/rave establishment.   Jen and I listened to techno music all night.    Man do these New Zealanders know how to party.     Somehow we managed to get some rest.

Next up Kaikora and Nin’s bin.

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