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Zimmerman Trail in Billings, Montana

June 8, 2009

I went to Billings 4 or 5 years ago but I did not bring my bike.   It was a family trip and we flew in rather than drive.   This time however, I brought my Salsa Fargo figuring no matter what I found to ride, I could ride it with my Fargo.    Well, it paid off.    With a few quick searches on the Internet and a phone call I was off to the Zimmerman Trail.

Zimmerman rocks and twists

Zimmerman rocks and twists

Billings is blessed with a rock rim that runs pretty much through the entire town.   While there are houses both above and below the rim, you can ride the rim for miles and miles.   The Zimmerman Trail has just about everything from techy, rocky Grand Junction like trails to high dessert prairie singletrack.

Big Sky state has some amazing trails - Zimmerman Trail

Big Sky state has some amazing trails - Zimmerman Trail

In the end, I turned around at about 2 hours and it looked like the trail went on for a lot longer.   I sure would have liked to find out.   Oh well….Next time I guess.

The Fargo ate up the terrain.  It sure wasn’t the fastest way to complete this trail, but it does it all quite well.   A few times in the rocky, techy stuff I longed for my Big Mama with the higher bottom bracket and suspension, but if I just kept things under control, the Fargo just ate up the trail.

If you are ever in Billings, MT you need to ride the Zimmerman Trail.  You won’t be disappointed.

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