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June 20, 2009

The Friday Morning Breakfast Ride was needed and a success.   I really needed to ride and it was great to catch back up with the crew.  Much of the chatter and talk involved stories and speculation around our good buddy Joe’s Tour Divide adventures.  Our crew ended up splitting into a road group and a mountain group.  I had an early morning meeting so I took the road in and the dirt home.   That is why I ride a Fargo.  Oh…And speaking of Joe, he’s back on course.

I shared yesterday that I was playing around with grainy black and white images again.   I just love the mood the images project.   Here’s one from yesterday’s ride.


Hope you Saturday is going great.

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  1. Tim permalink
    June 20, 2009 10:06 am

    How’d those legs feel on the way home? I felt wrecked yesterday evening……

  2. Gnat permalink*
    June 20, 2009 10:12 am

    Better. Maybe it’s just that my legs and mind like dirt.

    Have a good weekend.

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