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Heavy. Thankful. Eager.

June 30, 2009

Short post today.   I’m super busy.    Work is quite demanding at the moment.  Considering that two friends lost their jobs this week, I’m thankful considering I have a good job I love in a viable industry.   I’m also planning my next mountain bike trip.  I leave Sunday and will return next Friday after 4 full days of riding and 3 nights of bike camping.    This trip is a little work and a lot of pleasure.  I’m eager to share my stories and pictures with you when I return.   I just might even be able to share the other thing I’ve been working on, moving my WordPress blog to a    I’m pretty excited about it for a number of reasons.  I’ll share those reasons later, but I will tell you it’s got an amazing photo gallery functionality.   We’ll see.  It’s going to happen.  It’s just a matter of when?

Well, that’s all I’ve got today.   I’m packing this morning for a fun evening of mountain biking with friends.   We are hitting some prime single track tonight.    Should be an epic evening of riding.

And….Since I can’t have blog posts without pictures, I leave you with this.    Heavy and wet air blanket the valley as the sun inches upward toward the horizon.   It was a beautiful morning for riding.

Butterfly weed

Sunrise over Thomas Lake Park.

Heavy.   Thankful.  Eager.

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