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Another Morning on the River

June 24, 2009

As I mentioned yesterday, I had planned a morning on the Minnesota River.  It was hot, hot, hot!    What a way to embrace summer.

The Crew

The Crew

We had a smaller group than planned, but two Fargo’s and an Alfine equipped drop bar Surly 1×1 is a pretty sweet combo of bikes.

A look to the East

A look to the East

A look to the west

A look to the west

Pretty nice view eh?   What a nice way to start the day.   It was a sweet morning to talk about bikes, life and world issues.

Meiser at rest

Meiser at rest

Honestly, a lot of our conversation was about this guy.   I took this shot on our last river cook out.  If you don’t know his story, our good friend Joe Meiser is racing the Tour Divide.   He’s overcome some amazing obstacles already and I can’t wait to hear his stories.  He should head into Colorado today.   Meiser, we sent you good thoughts.   Keep it going.   You’ve only got two states left!

So….Another morning on the river is in the books.   Just perfect.


The road to 40 – Is freedom a solo thing?

June 23, 2009

Sometimes I ride my bike to be alone.   To think.  To escape.   Recently, I wrote about riding = freedom.   It’s true.  It does mean that to me.  Few things compare to the freedom enjoyed while riding solo in a beautiful and challenging environment.

Solo on the Kokopelli

Solo on the Kokopelli

That said, freedom isn’t always a solo thing.   Sometimes freedom is best enjoyed with others.

Moab group ride

Moab group ride with the Lincoln Crew

For much of the year I’ve had solo affairs on the mind.   After a bit of personal time I’m working to regroup and get re motivated.   So….I invited my friends to have breakfast on the river.  A little early morning ride to see the sunrise, a little breakfast and then a nice ride to work.  All with a few friends.

I’m sure I’ll have photos and stories tomorrow.   Until then……

Sunrise over Saint Paul

June 22, 2009

It’s the rainy season here in MN.   I haven’t gotten to ride dirt that much.   Rides are primarily based around commuting to and from work.   Heck, right now I’m even considering cleaning off my road bike!   Yeah, must be wet if I’m thinking about road bikes.     Well, not all is lost when it’s raining.    The clouds do crazy things with light.    You just never know what you are going to get.   Here’s one I took on Friday’s bike commute at about 5:45AM from the Mendota bridge.   I think Saint Paul is a beautiful city.

Sunrise over Saint Paul

Sunrise over Saint Paul

There was another incredible sunrise yesterday morning, but I did not have a good picture taking opportunity.   Man I love riding in the morning and being able to see these beautiful sights.

Oh….And speaking of Saint Paul, we went to a wedding at the Landmark Center on Friday evening.   Wow, what a night and what a beautiful place for a wedding.

Landmark Center

Landmark Center - Saint Paul, MN

Hope you have a great week.  If you get a chance, you should go out with your bike and watch the sunrise.    It will make your week even better.

Father’s Day Dirt

June 21, 2009

I left this morning about 4:45 for some Father’s Day Dirt.  I rode my Salsa Big Mama.    It was a sweet morning.   I didn’t see one other cyclist out.   Nope.  I got the woods to myself.   It felt like these trails were my private trails.   I rode casually this morning.   No pushing.  No hard efforts.  I just enjoyed my surroundings.    I listened to the birds.   I tried a few new lines through a couple of rock gardens.    It was an incredible morning.

My Father's Day riding partner - Salsa Big Mama

My Father's Day riding partner - Salsa Big Mama

I hope all you fathers have a great day.   I hope you all get a taste of dirt today.   Happy Father’s Day.


June 20, 2009

The Friday Morning Breakfast Ride was needed and a success.   I really needed to ride and it was great to catch back up with the crew.  Much of the chatter and talk involved stories and speculation around our good buddy Joe’s Tour Divide adventures.  Our crew ended up splitting into a road group and a mountain group.  I had an early morning meeting so I took the road in and the dirt home.   That is why I ride a Fargo.  Oh…And speaking of Joe, he’s back on course.

I shared yesterday that I was playing around with grainy black and white images again.   I just love the mood the images project.   Here’s one from yesterday’s ride.


Hope you Saturday is going great.

Photo Friday – Into the storm

June 19, 2009

TGIF!  It’s Friday.  Breakfast Ride.  Ahhh…….

Like a lot of places, it’s been raining here.  It’s been raining all over the US wreaking havoc on rides, plans and races.  My riding has been suffering, but hey it’s Friday and I love riding on Fridays.

Heading into the storm on Kokopelli

Heading into the storm on Kokopelli

I’ve been in a black & white mood lately.   I’ve been playing around with grainy black and white again.   I hope to share some here or over on my GnatLikesPictures blog.

We’ve got a family wedding to go to later tonite followed by some family stuff this weekend.

Happy Father’s Day to all those fathers reading the Gnat Blog.

Zimmerman Trail – Billings, MT

June 18, 2009

I shared a few pics already of my ride in Billings, MT.    It was a pleasant surprise as I really didn’t know just what to expect as this was my initial exploration of the Billings area.   It was amazing.   Check out this short 360+ panorama of the Zimmerman Trail.

Hope your week is going swell and that you aren’t in the W.S.E. I’ve gotten little riding in, although I have done quite a bit of bike tweaking and camera geeking.